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Earlier this week I posted the details from my BFF Emily’s bachelorette party that I threw for her down in Naples, FL. One of the staples of the party decor was the seaweed garland.


I had seen some pictures on Pinterest of something similar but I couldn’t find any tutorials. So I took it upon myself to figure out an easy, cost friendly way to make them! Let’s get started! 


Grab some packaging tape.


And roll it out as long as you want your garland to be, leaving a little extra on both sides. 


Then take party streamers. Yep, that’s right, the cheap kind you buy at any party supply or craft store! 


Stick one end to the tape. **Tip: I taped the streamers about half way up the tape as you can see here, which left some extra on the top. It didn’t look as good as I had hoped but on the next garland I placed the streamers at the  top of the tape and that looked much better! 


Keep on taping the streamers, alternating colors randomly. Or you can do it strategically. Or use only one color. OR make a rainbow! It’s whatever you like. 


Make sure you overlap the streamers slightly so that the streamers aren’t all straggly at the bottom, yuck! This has been a public service announcement. 


Keep on, keeping on until you have made as much garland as your little heart desires. 


Because I wanted mine to look like seaweed, I randomly cut the bottoms of the streamers to hang at different lengths! 


Then, take another strip of tape and place it onto the one that has the streamers stuck to it. **Hint: use smaller pieces of tape, it doesn’t all have to be in one take! That would be hard, and impressive. If anyone does that please let me know. 


What you should have now is a very sturdy tape sandwich with the streamers in-between.


Now punch a hole, thread your string and just like that you’ve got seaweed garland! Well, kind of. See you could stop right here and have a wonderful decoration for just about anything but for our occasion I wanted it to have just a tad more pizazz. So I added on some circles and it took 2 more seconds! 


Cut circles out in all different colors of paper, in all different sizes! 


I used my Cricut machine to cut these babies out and it made it sooooo easy. You can also get circle punches at just about any craft store! 


I then took some string. I think this is raffia and I used it because I had a bunch left over. Radical reason, I know.


Then tape the circles to the string, alternating colors and sizes. And then tape that to your garland. Now we’re done! 


I think that the circles gave it the little “pop” it needed! 


I used another strand of garland for the photo wall back drop. And besides being super easy, it was so inexpensive! I think this method just might be my go-to for party decorating from now on! 

With love from Naples,






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