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Picking Daisy, The Adventure!

These were taken the first time we ever got to see Daisy. We didn’t know which puppy was going to be ours at the time, but Brady and I were dying to meet our new best friend, whichever one she was! Be warned: you might die of a cuteness overload.


The puppies had different colored yarn tied around their necks to keep track of who is who. Daisy is the one with green around her neck, right under my right hand.


Did we just become best friends? I think we did. (This one is Daisy!)


This one was little pink, she was cute too but very, very sleepy.

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This is Daisy, looking right at home in my arms. I think she knew she would be mine, even if I didn’t.  


Daisy has been an expert at the “side eye” from day 1.

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Brady fell in love with Daisy, or little green as she was then called, one because she wouldn’t stop running around and biting on his boots. When he picked her up, you can almost here her say, “Hey guys if you need me I’ll be over here hanging out in this hot guy’s arms.”





We played with all of Daisy’s brothers and sisters and then they got so sleepy and plopped down for a nap. And their little sleeping selves were almost too much for me.



(Missing one)

Tiny Daisy on the right being her typical model self, staring out into the abyss.

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They were all so cute, but I can’t imagine if we had gotten a different little pup! We love our little Daisy.

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