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A few weeks ago I made peach cobbler on the show and I’m sharing the recipe with y’all!


Peach cobbler is a family favorite. I can hardly remember a Miller family gathering that didn’t involve my grandmother making one of her famous peach cobblers – and my dad and uncle fighting over who got to take home the left overs.

This turned into my sweet, precious grandmother rolling up to dinners with, I kid you not, a minimum of 4 cobblers. 2 for that evening’s dinner (so everyone could have seconds and thirds) and 2 more “to-go” cobblers for my dad and uncle each. 

It’s easy, simple and the canned peaches allow you to make it year round! Or if it’s peach season, add in a pile of fresh, ripe peaches instead of the canned. This recipe is versatile like that 🙂 

Below is a “printable” version of the recipe. Simple double click on the recipe, a new tab will open on your browser and you can print it off from there! 

Enjoy this summer time staple! 


With love from my kitchen, 


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