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3 yawns for finals! 

Right now in my little part of the world, I find myself knee deep in finals. I don’t quite know how I’m 25 years old and still taking finals, but I digress. At least this is the last round of tests I’ll ever be taking, yippie! And everyone knows what exams mean – naps! This is what Brady came home to the other day. 


While I was sleeping, Daisy decided that she also needed to take a nap. We can only assume that she now thinks she’s a cat. 


Solidarity. I like that in a pup. 


It was a lovely study break until someone, who shall remain nameless, decided to dismount the sofa by stepping on my face. Hey, at least I have a napping buddy and an alarm clock! And I’m working on the last St. Maarten post, so check back in – you won’t want to miss it! 


With love from the library, 


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