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Chips and dip are my life…

Everyone needs a go-to chips and dip recipe. Everyone. Invited to a party and need to bring something? Impress everyone with your “table side guac” skills! Friends coming over for a girls night? Whip this up in 5 minutes! Need an afternoon snack? This is perfect! Everyone needs guac in their life and I’m here to help you get it. 


You’ll need: 2 ripe avocados (meaning they’re squishy to the touch), a red onion, cilantro, a lime, garlic powder and salt. 


Cut the first avocado in half. 


Remove the pit and scoop out the goodness!


Repeat with the second avocado. 


Now chop your lime in half. 


And add the juice of half of the lime to the avocados. 


Then, quarter the red onion. 


And dice it up. **Madison’s tip: don’t feel like chopping and crying? Some grocery stores have pre-diced red onion in their produce section! 


Adding it to the bowl! 


Next, it’s time for the cilantro! 


Chop it up real nice and fine. 


And add it to the bowl along with some garlic powder, 


and some salt. 


Now, mash up the entire bowl, mixing it all together. 


I like to use the backside of a larger spoon to mash the avocados together. 


You should have a delicious bowl of yum and goodness at this point. I highly advise you taste test it, just to make sure it tastes good you know. And if you want to add more garlic or salt, go for it! I like to keep chips very close by for this step. Very, very close by. 


If at all possible, pry your self away from the bowl long enough to grab a plate and plop some guac on it.  


And then chow down! Impress all of your friends and family members with your culinary snack skills. Or just make it for yourself after a long, long day of class or work. Add it to taco night, girls night, or your next party. Share with friends or hog to yourself. There is no wrong way to eat your guacamole. Unless you don’t eat it. Then that is very, very wrong! The recipe is below.  

With love from the kitchen, 




Feeds 2-4 (depending on how hungry you are, ha)

2 avacados

The juice of 1/2 of a lime

1/4 of a red onion, diced

1 Tablespoon cilantro, chopped finely  

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder 

1/2 – 1 teaspoon salt (depending on how salty you like it) 

  1. Add all ingredients to a bowl, mix and mash up.
  2. Enjoy! 


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