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20 years of school later… 

I graduated! For the third time. Ha. 


I call this one “Look mom, I did it!” or “What like it’s hard?” (name that movie). 


It was bitter sweet because I was so excited to be moving back home the next day, but I was going to (and do!) miss my sweet friends so much. And as it is with all graduations, we took way too many photos. Here are some of my favorites! 


My law school BFF Katie. I miss her already. 


My sweet parents came down for the big day, which was sunny and beautiful. We graduated outside and as you can tell by my squinty eyes it was already so bright (and hot) by 10AM when the ceremony wrapped up. Yep, that’s right, 10AM. The ceremony began at 8AM so that we could still enjoy the perks of sunny south Florida without melting from the heat, ha!  


Don’t get me wrong, there was still some melting going on but at least it was minimal. 


Oh Brady, I would have lost my sanity these past 3 years without you. But you already know that. 


Hobie came! 


And so did my Uncle Chris! 


Having all of the fam there was definitely the highlight of this whole law school business. 


Later that night, Uncle Chris took all of us out to dinner to celebrate. We had the best time and I cannot remember a dinner where I have laughed that hard, that often. 


Seriously, I mean really, aren’t my parents the cutest?


So goodbye Stetson University College of Law and goodbye school! We had a good 20 year run, but I think its time we go our separate ways. I need some time to find myself outside of the hallowed halls of academia, ha! 


With love, 



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