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I love fall, y’all! There is nothing like waking up on a crips 55 degree morning, pouring myself a cup of tea and sitting on my porch with Daisy. But up until this past weekend I had seriously dropped the ball on yard decorations. It’s like I woke up on morning and everyone else in the neighborhood had decked out there house for Halloween and we had nothing! Ya, we looked like those neighbors. My mom always decorated the front of our house growing up and I thought it looked so inviting. That memory is what inspired me to go with the front step fall decor route! 
front step fall decor
I didn’t want to just decorate for Halloween, but I wanted things that would last until Thanksgiving.  And since our house is older and has limited storage and I’m trying to be more minimalist (let’s see how that goes), I wanted decorations that I didn’t have to keep for more than one season. So I went with a natural fall bounty! I wanted it to look like fall was spilling down my steps. Here’s how I did it. 
My tips on decorating front steps for fall: 
  1. Mums mums, mums! Nothing screams fall to me like mums. This is probably because every single fall while I was growing up, my mom would decorate our front door with massive apple bushels filled with mums.  I opted for smaller mums in a variety of colors. This not only makes it look like a cascade of flowers, but it also allows me to include all of the colors of fall!
  2. Stay small and choose a variety. While the bigger pumpkins are great for carving, they can also be expensive. Opt for a larger amount of smaller pumpkins in different colors and sizes. Throw in some gourds and ears of corn, too! You’ll end up spending the same amount of money but have many more pieces to decorate with that will give you an eclectic, cool vibe. 
  3. Light it up with lanterns. Lanterns are my favorite outdoor decorating accent. They can be used for every single season and enable you to light up your arrangement with a soft glow, which is perfect for fall! (I use flameless candles because I once caught a field on fire but that’s a story for another time.)

I love how my front steps turned out. It’s a full fall bounty that will last me until Christmas time (aka the day after Thanksgiving).  Every time I pull into my driveway it makes me smile and oh so thankful it’s fall! 

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