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Has anyone else caught the cookie decorating bug? I love watching the quick little tutorials on instagram and youtube and seeing how pretty some people can make cookies! And then wanting to eat them all. So I did! Well that it I got some piping bags, a couple pounds of powdered sugar, and tried my hand at cookie decorating and I learned a lot. So here is my little guide to breaking into the cookie decorating world. 


First, you need to know that this is not be something you can do quickly. This is going to take all day if you want to make the cookies the same day – you have to let some layers of icing dry before moving onto the next, so it takes some time. But it’s perfect for inviting a friend over and spending the day together! 


Second, icing constancy is key to the entire operation. While the base recipe is really easy – you have to water it down to various runny states in order to get your cookies to look like the pros! This will take time to get the hang of, but it’s not rocket science by any means. Just a little trial and error. 


Third, getting cookies to keep their shape and not get all blobby in the oven while they bake is easy – just put them in the oven when they are really cold! This is best done by rolling out your cookie dough, putting it in the fridge until the entire thing is hard, cutting out the cookies and immediately putting them in the oven. 


The cookies I made here were cut out using leaf, pumpkin and a plain ole circle cutter. I used piping icing for the exterior lining, medium consistency (or 13 second) icing to fill in the shapes and then also used both medium and piping icing for the details. I would go into great detail about how you do that, but I’m not a pro, just a girl who loves to learn from the pros. Below you’ll find a whole bunch of links to some great blogs that can help you get started.  


Bake at 350. Bridget was the first cookie decorated whose account I found. She inspired me to try to decorate my first batch using the “flood icing” technique. I love everything she uses from her recipe for roll out cookies, her tutorials for icing, and browsing her cookie index

Semi Sweet Designs. Holy guacamole does this guy make incredible cookies. Each one is so intricate and so beautiful. Mike has a great recipe for pumpkin spice cookies that you need to make now AND he makes great cookie cutters. I can’t wait to get my hands on these guys

Lila Loa. Georganne Bell is a wizard at cookie decorating and even has a cookie decorating book! She’s really great at explaining the various consistencies of icing that you might need to use. Oh and her cookies are too pretty to be eaten. But I would try anyways! 

Sweet Sugarbelle. Does the name sound familiar? If it does it might be because you’ve seen her brand of cookie cutters and other supplies at your local craft stores! I love using her pick tool and her edible markers. If you’re going to invest in anything, invest in these two tools! 


But hands down, the most important thing to remember about cookie decorating is that ugly cookies still taste delicious! 

Do y’all have any other cookie blogs you love to follow? I’d love to hear about them and see any cookies that y’all make – comment below! 



With love and icing in my hair, 




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