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I scream, you scream, we all scream for strawberry cheesecake ice cream! Maybe it’s a because it’s Wednesday or because I keep seeing all of the kids in my neighborhood heading back to school or because I’ve lived in Florida for the past 3 years but I’m holding on extra hard to the last days of summer. And this ice cream is the perfect way to fuel my delusion that summer isn’t almost over. Sniff. Sigh. But it isn’t time for pumpkin spice, isn’t it still June?! Therefore, ice cream! 


Start by lining a 9X9 square pan with parchment paper and then add a layer of softened vanilla ice cream. 


Spread it out so it’s all nice and smooth and put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. 


While thats firming up, we’ll start on the cheesecake portion. So naturally we have to have cream cheese. Is it just me or do all great recipes start with a block of cream cheese? 


Add it to your mixing bowl.


And then take an entire 7 oz. tub of marshmallow fluff. PSA: I’m sorry to all of you who thought this might be healthy. It’s not. 


And add it to your mixing bowl.


Now whip it, whip it real good!


At this stage in the game I’m going to tell you not to try the glory that you’ve just concocted because you’ll run into the danger of eating it all. Not that I know this from personal experience or anything, ahem. Moving along.


Take your firmed up ice cream out of the freezer and add the cheesecake layer to the pan.


And spread it out evenly. It’s a bit hard to tell from this next photo because the ice cream and cheesecake fluff are the same color but I promise it’s all nice and even and fluffy and the thing dreams are made of. 


Now for the fun part: the strawberry jam! I’m using homemade here but feel free to use whatever kind floats your boat. Heat it up for a couple seconds in the microwave just until it’s nice and runny. This makes it 10 times easier to spread around. 


Spoon the jam all over the cheesecake layer until its nice and even. 


And you should end up with something like this! Set it in the freezer for another 10 minutes. 


Next, top with another layer of vanilla ice cream. 


And smooth it out. 


Freeze for about 20 more minutes or until it’s all frozen and firmed up. Now comes the fun part. Scoop out the ice cream using an ice cream scoop.


It should create lovely rolls with the strawberry jam, cheesecakey goodness and vanilla all swirled together! 


Serve up and enjoy! It’s such a pretty ice cream with the red swirling all throughout – and so so yummy. And best of all, it’s easy! 


With love trying not to eat the entire pan, 


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