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We are totally those people, and we don’t care! 

There comes a time when you have to embrace your inner crazy dog lady. Luckily, I did long ago which means that of course I threw my dog a mini birthday party. I should probably stress that no one was invited. I feel like this makes me slightly less crazy. But then again there were hats which probably kicks the crazy meter right back up there. 


We decided to give Daisy her favorite treats – mangos and ice cream! Coincidently these are also Brady’s favorite food, that he eats at night, and swears he never ever shares with her. Huh. 


Please, can I have it now?? 


She is literally licking her lips in anticipation. We’re just lucky she didn’t start drooling everywhere. 


They grow up so fast! I swear yesterday she was a bundle of fluff peeing on me while we drove her home. Now look at her, the picture of grace and behavior. Ha. Ya right. 


Oh little Daisy, happy birthday! We can’t imagine our lives without your boundless energy, the laughs you give us, nor the hair you leave everywhere! 

With love and lint rollers, 


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