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This past weekend, we started tearing down the old barns that are on our ranch. I was really sad that they couldn’t be saved, but we decided to salvage what we could. The building that we started on used to be a general store so we had hoped that there would be some good finds! 

You can see it’s pretty run down. It was flooded in 2010 and almost completely under water which caused not only a lot of water damage but washed out the foundation in parts. 

When we started taking it down, we realized that the building wasn’t entirely brick like we had thought, but instead the brick had been put on as a facade later. 

So we found some different features under the brick, like this hidden window.

And some awesome old signs! No kidding, they were still nailed up to the wooden siding. They literally bricked right over them. 

My Facebook friends had some great suggestions of what I should do with them. I think that they’ll make perfect decorations for our cabin!

Luckily, we were able to get this glass piece out, too. We think we might frame it and hang it up as art in our cabin.

Boarding up the glass sign above were these bad boys. At first we thought they were just pieces of plywood but then realized they are old highway billboards. They are from when they were building the interstate that is down the road from here. Fingers crossed the paint isn’t lead based.

Brady and I also found the coolest old counter from the general store. It’s stunning and we had planned on using it for an island in our kitchen. But, since it is an old building, Brady tested it for lead based paint and it is covered in layers upon layers of the stuff so that’s going to be a no go for the island. Remember, always test for lead based paint when dealing with vintage wooden materials! 

All in all it was such a fun way to spend our Saturday and now we can’t wait to decorate with our finds! 


With love, 


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