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While I know everyone loves today because it’s St. Patricks Day (I hope you have your green on!) March 17th has a special place in my heart that has nothing to do with pots of gold or green beer. It’s the anniversary of when Brady proposed to me. And for some reason today I’m feeling extra sentimental and sappy so I thought I’d share some pictures and tell y’all about it! 

Brady and I met at Vandy during an ethics class freshman year at Vanderbilt. While we didn’t start dating until that Christmas, we sure did make a lot of excuses to study together for our ethics final and we still joke about how it pays to be ethical.

So when the time came to ask me to marry him, what do you think Brady did? He tricked me into going back to the very building where we first met and that class was held – Furman Hall. He had my friend Emmy (who was still at Vandy at the time) ask me to come visit her and when I showed up she wanted us to go meet a mutual friend across campus. Well you can guess what building we ended up walking to – Furman Hall. And it wasn’t our friend waiting inside, but Brady! 

I guess sometimes the next chapter begins where it all started in the first place!  

With love still pinching myself 3 years later, 



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