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Hey y’all! Instead of writing down my entire life story, which sounds a bit like “I was born, I went to school, I am still in school,” I thought that I would tell y’all some fun facts about myself instead!

1. I met Brady, a hunky Texan, on the very first day of college, while on my way to my very first college class. It was an ethics class.  Fast forward 6 years and Brady is still putting up with my bad jokes and he even married me. I also stand by my theory that it pays to be ethical!


2. After graduating Vandy, I decided to put off facing reality for a few more years to live out my “Legally Blonde” fantasy and went to law school down in Florida. I thought that if I had to read a bunch of books it might as well be on a beach, surrounded by sunshine and palm trees. I think I made the right choice!


3. My dad is the lead singer for the country rock band Sawyer Brown. He keeps telling me he’s the original “American Idol” or something because he won that 80’s show Star Search, but I’m not fooled. He’s just my goofy dad. And before you ask when my EP is debuting, no, I cannot sing to save my life. I do the world a favor and lip sync “Happy Birthday.”


4. My parents took me on tour when I was 3 months old and I’ve rarely stayed in one place for too long since then.  If there was an Olympic event for efficient over-packing in under 5 minutes, I’d rival Michael Phelps for most gold metals in one sport.

5. As if my family wasn’t coo-coo enough, apparently my uncle is a member of America’s favorite TV family.


No he isn’t a Kardashian… but he is Peter Brady from the Brady Bunch or Chris Knight or as I know him, Uncle Dim Lightbulb.

6. I love Jesus a lot and went to Christ Presbyterian Academy for 13 years. The only things I can sing are: the books of the Bible (Old and New Testament) and Luke 2:4-16. That last one includes hand gestures and is pure gold.

7. I grew up in Nashville, TN on a farm. While it was really cool and I got to ride horses all the time, I also stepped in a lot of cow poop… like… A LOT!


Version 2

8. I’ve been to 49 states thanks to going on tour with my dad in the summers. Alaska is the only one I’m missing and so it’s on the very tip top of my life bucket list.

9. I’m a Pinterest fanatic and love to craft, bake, sew, cook, DIY and decorate! Someone once called me a “mini Martha Stewart” and it was basically the best compliment ever.

10. I’m the proud puppy mama to a golden retriever named Daisy. She’s the cutest dog I’ve ever seen, not that I’m bias or anything. She’s also supposed to be a show dog, which is hilarious seeing as she’s also the most hyper pup I’ve ever met and specializes in jumping in the pool at 6 AM in the morning. We’ll see how this goes!




Hey y’all, I’m Madison! You never know what I might be doing or where I might be going when you "chase me down!”



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