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Now a days it seems like if you’re going to a bachelorette party, you’re most likely going on a trip. While a destination bachelorette is always a blast, it can make it hard to decorate to Pinterest standards. I’ve done it a couple of times and I’m sharing my tips! (Click here to see the other party that I threw in Florida!)

  1. Focus on specific areas, not the whole space.  Both times I’ve gone on a destination bachelorette we’ve stayed in a house (which is 100% the way to go) and so I’ve focused the décor on specific areas in the house versus trying to decorate the entire space. This makes it a lot easier not only with planning but also with the amount of décor you bring. For instance, when we were in Palm Springs, we focused on the table and the outdoor sitting area and pool. Concentrating on only certain areas helps you to have a bigger overall impact. 
  2. Paper goods are your BFF. Table scapes are all of the rage and luckily for us that means that the paper plate game is really good right now. You can find so many cute plate designs and mixing and matching patterns is always a good idea! Make sure to get both dinner plates and dessert plates and of course cute napkins and straws. Paper goods are also lightweight (yay for traveling) and are compactly packaged and won’t be making the return flight back. Besides no one wants to do dishes when you’re main concern is making sure your bride-to-be is having a blast.
  3. Small props have a big impact. Little flamingo pool floats for our drinks, personalized  stadium cups, flower crowns, a sash for the bride-to-be, pineapple glasses, flash tattoos, and a yummy smelling candle. These are small, lightweight props that make the entire weekend more colorful and have a big impact on the over all décor. And they make for great photo ops, and who doesn’t love that?!
  4. Banners and streamers. Streamers are the most underrated decorating material, in my humble opinion. They are so inexpensive, come in a million colors, and are as versatile as they come. You can make a dramatic banner like I did here or you can use them to wrap wall space like we did for my friend Caroline. Because they are so lightweight, you can easily hang them anywhere and clean up is a breeze. Banners are also the way to go for the same reasons and you can find a million different ones on Etsy. 
  5. Have an itinerary. This seems silly, but merely printing out a weekend itinerary on cute stationary and having them placed around your space is a great way to decorate and they help keep the weekend organized. There are so many vendors on Etsy who will custom design ones for you and you can print them out at Kinkos (or whatever it’s called since they merged with FedEx, ha).

Everything you see in the pictures above fit into a carry on sized suit case, and that even includes the pool floats! I hope that these tips help you when planning decorations for your next bachelorette party 🙂 

With love, 


Photos by the incredible Megan Riley 

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