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Barn Salvage Finds

This past weekend, we started tearing down the old barns that are on our ranch. I was really sad that they couldn't be saved, but we decided to salvage what we could. The building that we started on used to be a general store so we had hoped that there would be some...

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Summer Sunnies

  The other day I went into Nordstrom looking for a Derby dress and before I knew it I had spotted these sunnies, walked to the counter and bought them. I wore them to the Derby and haven't taken them off since. I don't know what it is about a new pair of...

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Florida Pup

If you're chasing me down on tonight's episode, you'll find me in Naples, Florida! Naples has always been like a second home to me but Daisy thinks of it as her favorite home because it has a pool for her to jump into. Which she did about 386 times a day when we would...

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Hey y’all, I’m Madison! You never know what I might be doing or where I might be going when you "chase me down!”



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